Give Me Tap

Today is World Water’s Day, so I thought to write about an awesome cause, that I really like.

I’ve heard about Give Me Tap almost two years ago, and since then I’m trying to share their story and cause here. We were talking about water, so that’s what Give Me Tap does: gives access to people from Africa to clean, drinkable water. How? They have these awesome refillable, stainless bottles, that you can buy in different colours and with different caps. And here comes the “tap” part. 😀 They have partnerships with different restaurants, coffee shops and so on, so if you see a sticker with Give Me Tap on a restaurant’s window, and if you do have a Give Me Tap bottle, you can get your bottle filled up for free there. How awesome is that? 😀

They help people from Africa to have access to one of the most elementary need of humankind’s of all time and they also reduce plastic waste. So they help less unfortunate people and the environment.

The good part is that the bottles are available for international shipping and they’re not very expensive, considering that’s for a noble cause. I still want my Give Me Tap own bottle, but being a student… finance is not my strongest point. It’s awesome that you can share and help the cause even if you’re not from the UK. The bad part is that the GMT tap water providers can only be found in Britain, Lisbon, Zürich and Amsterdam. But considering that in Romania tap water isn’t of the healthiest options, all of a sudden is not such a bad point.

Even if I (still) don’t have a GMT bottle, so I can’t help the cause directly, I shared with you their story and you can do the same: spread the word to let people know about this brilliant idea.

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